Water is a natural resource and flows freely from one place to another. Its movement is uncontrollable and thus, it can enter the ground and other places without any hindrances. Due to this nature, it can get contaminated because industries, companies and manufacturing plants throw away the chemical wastes in different places. Camp Lejune Contamination has affected the lives of people in an adverse manner. They suffered from deadly diseases such as cancer and kidney failure because the chemicals in this area entered the body of residents. The family members of such victims filed a case and received compensation.

Why does water contamination happen?

It is important to learn why water contamination occurs in the environment. Some natural contamination is not harmful to human beings such as rainwater. After the rain, the impurities may settle on their own and have fewer effects on mankind. On the other hand, some contaminations can cause devastation such as:

  • Improper disposal of industrial wastes
  • Oil pollution 
  • Chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides from the household sinks, toilets and sewerage system
  • Lack of proper water treatment methods
  • Dumping in lakes, rivers and oceans

Whether you are eligible to file a case?

If you are confused about whether you can file a water contamination case against a company or an individual, you should get in touch with a lawyer having relevant experience. Every case is unique and it will depend on the extent of injuries, evidence and liable parties. Some of the supporting documents that you need to show that you are a victim of water contamination are:

  • Your medical condition and its relation to water contamination
  • You suffered financial losses due to medical bills, tests and scans 
  • Liable parties such as the water supply department and the company manufacturing products

If you want to maximize your compensation, you must not try to handle the case on your own. It is always a good idea to contact a lawyer, who is well-versed with these laws. He can investigate the case and guide you on how to go about fighting for your rights.

Recovering losses in water contamination

It is possible to recover your losses in a water contamination case if you are able to win it successfully. Some of them are:

  • Medical bills
  • Non-economic charges
  • Lost income
  • Wrongful death 

A good water contamination lawyer can make your life much easier by fighting your case.