Motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence that leads to severe damage to the riders as well as other people on the road. Despite the laws and prevention, hundreds of accidents occur annually in the United States. If you get into a motorcycle accident, contact Redkey Gordon Law Corp to seek legal help in case of motorcycle accidents. 

What are the reasons for a motorcycle?

While there are multiple and some unpredictable reasons behind motorcycle accidents, let us look at some common causes below. 

  • Car collisions

Collisions or crashes with cars on the road are among the most common causes of motorcycle accidents, leading to fatal crashes causing injuries and property damage to the victims. It is mainly due to the failure to follow road guidelines 

  • Fixed objects on the road

Objects like telephone poles, guardrails, or signposts are the leading cause of motorcycle accidents as their collisions with motorcycles are primarily common.

  • Speeding 

Racing or speeding on the road is illegal. Despite that, a lot of bikers are in the habit of speeding. This contributes to numerous collisions and crashes.

  • Careless Lane changes 

It is necessary to attentively check blindspots and traffic signals before moving toward changing the lane. Many motorcyclists fail to exercise due care while changing lanes and become victims of an accident.

  • Open Car doors

Some motorcycle accidents take place due to open car doors of parked vehicles. Collision with them leads to severe damage to the bike and the driver.

  • Driving under the influence

It is illegal to drive under the influence of any illicit substances. Despite that, a lot of drivers engage in the consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs. Such substances impair the judgment and mobility of the drivers. They fail to take necessary precautions to avoid accidents. They also fail to act according to the requirements in case an accident happens. Those drivers end up facing criminal as well as civil charges.

  • Lane splitting

Lane splitting is the illegal practice of driving between two lanes of traffic. This is extremely dangerous and must be avoided at all costs by motorcyclists.

  • Sudden stops

Suddenly stopping a vehicle can cause rear-end accidents if the other person is driving too close to the vehicle. Moreover, it can seriously injure the motorcyclist and even lead to their death.

  • Inexperienced drivers

Drivers who are not well experienced with motorcycles or driving vehicles, in general, can make dangerous moves on the road, harming other people on the road and hamper their safety.

  • Dangerous road conditions

The poor state of the road, lack of traffic signals, potholes, etc., can increase the chances of accidents and cause significant harm to drivers. Road maintenance is necessary to prevent instances like this.

  • Motorcycle defects

If any part of the motorcycle is defective and leads to the malfunctioning of the vehicle, it can cause severe injuries to the driver. The manufacturer of the motorcycle will be held responsible for such damages.