Recorded communications have been used to store and capture important details whenever it is needed in business operations. These communications are part of the workflow activity. When you say communications, there are the communications obtained by the organization. There are some instances when an organization releases communication without utilizing the application to create them. To give an example, a user may call a client and follow up the conversation with notes. Now, the application gives the ability to enter the information for the phone call like the date and time of the phone call and the contents of the phone conversation.

The recorded communications have a direction and a subject. The direction determines whether the communication was received from another party or issued by the organizations. Various organizations are using different digital platforms to execute their tasks such as Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and many others. The key to record voice calls or video
calls are to ask consent from the other party.

Today, recording voice calls, video, phone, or other audio have never been so easy. It just takes a second and a bare click of your finger to record communication which can also lead to getting penalized if you don’t know the regulations set on this kind of activity. With easily accessible technologies, recording communication may appear a normal activity, especially in the workplace when co-workers are resolving an issue or between employers and employees

There are existing laws with regards to recorded communications like phone calls, call monitoring, or video recording. If you are not fully aware of these regulations, you may be at risk for criminal prosecution. Your ignorance of these laws can be used against you. This can cost you a hefty amount due to civil claims.

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