For most people, handling a car accident case could be complicated. It involves multiple legal procedures to be followed by a deadline. While most people may shy away from hiring a car accident lawyer, you should learn more about the exact details about the latter by clicking on the added link. 

The question of how much it would cost to hire a lawyer cannot be definitive or fixed. Before being legally represented by a lawyer, many factors are considered in a car accident case. There are some factors about hiring a lawyer that you should know before you choose one. 

What factors are considered while hiring a lawyer for a vehicle accident?

Most lawyers represent their clients under a” contingency fee” plan agreement. When a lawyer charges a contingency fee, the lawyer’s charges for representing the client will be based on the car insurance settlement or the court’s final judgment. 

Apart from the contingency agreement, you must read the fine print a lawyer may offer. The document will give you a clear idea about each cost and expense that might occur when hiring a specific lawyer. Before choosing a lawyer, you must check their experience and skills. Having the right lawyer by your side may create a huge difference. 

How much contingency fee does a lawyer charge?

You will be charged hourly if you hire a lawyer from a firm. Without a firm, you would not need to pay hourly rates to car accident attorneys. Generally, the firm or the lawyer decides the contingency fee percentage. The percentage will be delivered to the firm’s lawyer once the court provides a verdict. 

The contingency fee percentage may vary for each case. Although, the contingency fee percentage usually runs from 25 to 40 percent. If the rate is not decided, it would be safe to assume that you would be charged one-third of 33% of your total payout. 

Will the contingency fee percentage get lower than general? 

There are high chances that the contingency percentage can get lower than the generalized percentages. The fee differs relying on whether the client decides to file a lawsuit in court. However, the costs may likely get lower if the car accident case is settled without a lawsuit filed in the court. 

If the case goes to court and a formal answer to the client’s complaint has been filed, or the case proceeds to trial with a jury, the contingency fee percentage can rise to as high as 40 percent.