There could be many reasons you haven’t filed or paid taxes. Below are some examples of common situations.

You missed the deadline

We grant an automatic extension to October 15th for those who missed the deadline to file their income tax returns. There is no application required. For more information, visit Personal due dates.

You have not filled in the last one or more years

You should file your tax return as soon as you can if you haven’t filed one or more years ago. This will help reduce the interest and penalties that you might owe. For the relevant tax years, visit our instructions and forms to find the forms that you will need.

You can live in California and work in another state.

You are a California resident if you reside in California but work in another state. For your filing requirements, visit residents

You can live in another state but work in California

For your filing requirements, visit a part-year resident or nonresident if you are a California resident but live in another state.

You don’t have the money to pay taxes

File your tax return even if you are unable to pay taxes. We can help you settle your outstanding balance once you have filed. This could be you:

  • To make a payment plan
  • To delay your bill payment
  • An offer of compromise

Are you having trouble finding your documents?

It is possible that you are missing some documents necessary to complete your tax return. Contact your employer if you have not received or lost a W-2. For a copy of your state tax returns, please visit How can I get a copy? For more information, visit

Are you a Californian businessman and have not yet filed a California Business License?

California’s tax laws apply to all businesses that do business in California. To find out what filing requirements you have based on your type of business, visit our Business filing page. You may be eligible for our Voluntary Disclosure Program if you are a trust or corporation.

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