Approximately 50% of those who sit for the California Bar Exam each month pass it. As a lawyer, you are all too familiar with the feeling of relief that comes with being able to move forward in your career. But you soon realize that passing the bar is only the first step. You must stay up to date on all family law issues after passing the bar, especially while dealing with them. This suggests that the nature of legal issues and how they are implemented are changing ideas. At CEB, we went above and beyond to make family law research and other relevant topic studies possible through the California Bar Association Continuing Education program.

Understanding Californian Family Law

It is critical to have a thorough awareness of the resources accessible to make timely judgments on California family law. The CEB Family Law Secondary Source collection contains seven different family law practice guidelines. You can counsel your clients and quickly examine a range of family law studies to get the most accurate results.

When it comes to practicing family law in California, having access to information is equivalent to winning half the war. If you have the information available to you, you ought to be able to quickly understand the relevant legislation and recommendations from the CEB. Consumers detest waiting, and you want to be certain that your choice is the right one. With this on your side, you may make a business decision with confidence.

Client Procedures Managed via Workflows

When addressing a variety of family law matters with clients, developing a practical plan is crucial. Consider unchallenged marital acts as an example. If you are involved in a legal action involving a case of this kind, you can use the workflow as a guide to ensure that you follow every stage of the procedure.

Are you curious about how to maximize the first time you engage with a customer and what information you should try to obtain from them? The majority of this data is set up to show you how to systematically achieve while also comforting your clients. Having access to additional tools will make it easier for you to complete casework and deliver dependable customer service.

Providers of Resources for Family Law Attorneys

When practicing family law, you should constantly have access to as much information as you can. You can expand on the knowledge you gained from passing the California Bar exam and from your experience working as a paralegal and new associate by using the tools offered by the College of Education Board.

Having reference materials on hand is frequently more convenient while handling legal concerns. Resources like checklists, strategy notes, charts, and sample documents are what you’re looking for. Even if you don’t intend to strictly adhere to them, having them on hand might still be beneficial because they offer broad parameters to follow.

Your capacity to finish more valuable, billable work will grow as a result of the CEB’s practical resource availability. A vital aspect of practicing law is giving your clients your full attention. Once you have a solid understanding of the procedures that are necessary and made possible by the resources at your disposal, handling this becomes lot simpler.

Authentic Educational Resources for Your Company

It’s important to provide your business with trustworthy training materials. You know full well that your formal education is far from ended even if you passed the California bar test. You should be able to understand this. The CEB suite includes the CLE Passport, one of the team’s innovations. The CLE Passport function allows you to access learning at any time. There’s always on-demand access to movies and TV series.

To thrive in the field of family law, one must have an insatiable desire for knowledge and one that takes into account both the large picture and the specifics. The CEB suite consists of 600 distinct courses and over 900 films that you can watch to learn. One of the most attractive aspects of the CLE Passport platform is its ability to change with the times.

CLE Passport will gradually expand the range of services it provides to handle increasingly complicated problems. New information is released every week, and it is covered by a wide range of media sites. You can find all you need here, including training that is relevant to both family law and your business, so don’t waste time searching for reliable continuing education courses.

Keep Up Compliance with CALL’s Minimum Continuing Legal Education Standards

To maintain your California bar license, you must complete all continuing legal education (CLE) requirements. Every now and again, because of the number of client matters, you can find yourself well behind schedule. Our CLE programs, part of the CEB package, can help you effortlessly fulfill your MCLE credit hour needs.

Among the numerous excellent programs that have been produced, you can always discover the ones you need. This implies that you can strive to fulfill your compliance hours without compromising the quality of service you offer to your clients.

Observance of California Statutes and Simple Access to Necessary Records

The court system in California needs a number of paperwork to ensure that legal proceedings are handled correctly. As a legal professional, you undoubtedly want your business to have access to the most recent documents and records accessible to ensure that everything is handled correctly. One element of our CEB portfolio is the Essential Forms program. The Essential Forms service puts decades’ worth of filings and paperwork at your fingertips. You can create, print, save, and electronically file forms in accordance with your specifications to satisfy the demands of your clients.

Find Out How CEB Can Assist You

As an attorney, you must be able to do three things: stay current on changes in California family law, optimize the benefits you offer to your clients, and pursue further legal education. You may assign work to your paralegals and staff, improve client service, and simplify business processes for the good of all your clients by using the CEB suite. This package includes training, form filings, and required continuing legal education (MCLE). To learn more, click here.