People from various countries face the risk of losing their homes due to religion, sexual orientation, political issues, race, and more. For that purpose, the asylums are at their service; they have a legal status that grants people to live and protects them from any cause.

But getting asylums is very difficult for a good asylums attorney needs to be present to fight against the odds. There are immigration attorneys and deportation attorneys with high legal representation to help the seekers get protective asylums more likely to be needed.

What Are The Examples That Come Under The Scenario? 

Someone experienced persecution with political involvement; this is considered political persecution. A gay or transgender individual is beaten or brutally harmed, so this persecution is led because of religion and members of a social group. Another example comes in a man or woman mistreated or threatened to change their religion for another religion is considered another example of past persecution of religion.

How Do These Asylums Work For The Seekers? 

Asylum attorneys help the seeker to permit them home. Seekers can apply form I-589 for the asylum application. Individuals can also have spouses and children in the asylum with them and have to fill out the application simultaneously. Plus, the children should be under 21 and unmarried.

If some face persecution of nationality, race, religion, LGBT, sexual orientation, or political issue, they may contact the refugee to get the eligibility for the same. The immigration attorney helps the seekers get their immigration status so they can have the legal rights to stay in the asylums.


Through the refugees initiative, our attorney volunteers have given the mentoring, guidance, counseling, and training throughout the process so that they can support the seekers legally and act as the guardian angel to get them to asylums. The law and procedure for the same are:

  • The attorney will not be barred from any reasons listed in immigration laws.
  • The deadline for filing applications is one year.
  • It supports a material support bar that includes asylums.
  • If granted withholding of removal, then the person will not get harmed for any above stated reasons.

How Does The Asylum Application Work?

Once you filled out the application, they sent the confirmation mail to you; keep the screenshot the same. Then the interview date will be given along with your attorney to explain your side. Have your answers ready, and the lawyer will help you to get your supplements of yours.

After the interview, an appointment letter is given to the official way to come back to the asylum office for the decisions. There you will get the decision that you are going to be sent to immigration court or referred.

If you’re sent to immigration court, then the attorney is the last resort to fight in favor and provide you justice. And if the opposite happens like you have won the asylum opportunity, then you have been given a choice to take the family with you with the aid of your attorney.

Once you are granted asylum, you are eligible for a green card displaying permanent residency. Please work with your Asylum attorney on a green card as well because it is delicate; the attorney can check the errors and make sure there will not be any cause that denies your case.


How Does A Deportation Attorney Help? 

It is the process of removal of individuals or to deport them to their home country. One of the complex processes is that if you are not a resident, you will receive the notice to appear, visit immigration court, and have been investigated as a criminal and convicted of a crime.

Then connect with your deportation attorney to remove your proceedings. The attorney will work to prevent your deportation; basically, they take care of cancellation of removal, help in adjusting the status, waiver of deportability, removal orders, and more. Contact the legal representative to get away with the process and help you make your way out of it.

So schedule the consultation with the legal representation to help you with the above cases. There are many human rights volunteers who believe in saving the lives of others who fled out from their home countries due to past persecution and providing them the facility of rights with asylum.

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