Marriage is an integral part of any culture. Almost everywhere in the world, people are expected to get married and raise a family. This is essential from an emotional, social, and cultural perspective. Marriage is a union of two people who agree to live a life together and raise kids and a family.

But recent history has shown that not all marriages are for life. Some people, most people these days, tend to fall out of a relationship after some time and end marriages. This can lead to legal procedures like divorce. It is best to take assistance from law firms like avocat droit familial Litvack Dessureault LLP that will guide you through the whole process.

There are mainly two types of divorces: mutual petition and dispute divorce. Even though the result remains the same for both the procedures, the course of actions and processes is very different. In both types of divorces, the parties involved will have to fave the post-divorce arrangements, irrespective of whether they agree to it or not.

But there are some major differences between these two types of divorce petitions, which will be discussed in this article.

The time taken for the judgment of the case in the mutual petition and dispute divorce is very different. For a mutual petition divorce, the parties involved will be in total agreement about the arrangements after the divorce is obtained. This is because the couples will have discussed the possible problems that might arise from the separation and would have reached a settlement with the help of a lawyer.

But in dispute divorces, the parties are not in complete agreement about post-divorce arrangements and sometimes one of them might not even be ready to grant separation to the other. This can lead to serious legal complications and even courtroom hearings for years. It is then necessary that parties involved get two separate lawyers and fight a legal battle to come to an agreement. It should also be noted that legal procedures are time-consuming and require a lot of money.

Dispute divorces can result in the loss of valuable time and money from both parties.

Another major difference is that mutual divorce can settle out of court and does not require tiring courtroom procedures. But dispute divorce will end up in court for a long time.

To conclude, it is better to agree on the terms of the divorce before filing a case than waste a lot of time-fighting your case.