Law can be outlined as the primary concern for the customs, practice, and following the rules and regulations given to the people of the society by its government. They have to follow it. If anyone violates any of the laws, then a harsh punishment will be given. The main objective of having a solid or dissonant direction is to safeguard society and protect the people’s rights and duties. It acts as a barrier for the people from behaving negatively that affects the community and hence gives punishment to the people who break any Law.

It tells society that what is right for them and wrong for them. The Law is equal for everyone whosoever is living in the country. The most prime thing about Law is that it doesn’t discriminate among the people. In the eyes of the Law, everyone is equal. Indeed the Law gives a chance to everyone to put their opinion and views. According to Law, anyone can file litigation.

Hence, litigation can be summarized as taking a disagreement to a court of Law. If parties don’t agree over the same terms and condition then, they will represent their particular cases to a court for its final verdict. The judge will give the final verdict. In a democratic system, there is an apex court is there. This means that if a person is not satisfied with the verdict given by the lower court,then they can go to the higher court, and the judgment given by the Supreme court will be final. This can be seen in various parts of the world like India, England, US.

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